We provide proof of customer, concept and value with research, concept design, testing and operational go-to-market planning and execution.

PEOPLE FIRST. We help you to identify and validate the most promising customers for your R&D Ideas, and to find the perfect match between their needs and your capabilities. We use proprietary methods to create new customer understanding and rely on a wide body of existing science based knowledge.

With FURTHER RESEARCH we verify customer needs and how the buying decisions are typically made in the target industry, at the same time taking into account all possible corporate and personal motives. A research of the market and the opportunities gives a strong basis for strategic choices.

When the sweet spot is found, it’s time to develop the initial product and service ideas into commercially robust OFFERING and concept and test them. What are the final features and unique selling points? How the customer journey of buying and using the offering should be built? What is the role of after sales? How the whole package is branded and communicated?

To ensure the success of your new business OPERATION we support you with thorough Go-to-market planning and execution. Everything is based on setting clear KPI’s and tracking the outcomes. To carry out the execution we have the comprehensive creative, media and data science resources of Salomaa Group at your disposal.

One of the hardest parts in any new endeavor is to find and keep the right FOCUS. Together with your team, we filter out the essential from the data that starts to gather from day one of the new launch. This enables a solid fact-based optimization of the customer focus, resources and investment.