We are a diverse team of highly experienced professionals from different areas of expertise. We also partner with independent researchers, consultants, craftspeople and other experts that are capable of bringing valuable skills to our customer projects.


Lassi has helped his clients and teams create new digital business and services for 22 years in Finland and in The Netherlands. Lassi has held roles in the leadership team of Solita and in the digital leadership team of Sanoma, and has worked as an innovation consultant for multinational corporations, as well as founded a consultancy and media companies. Lassi Volunteers as the chairman of the board of Sylva ry, the Finnish non-profit supporting children & youth with cancer, as well as a captain of the Helsinki Team Rynkeby – God Morgon charity cycling team.

Lassi Kurkijärvi

Tommi has worked 24 years in versatile strategy consulting, business development, sales, marketing, research, internationalisation, service design and digitalisation assignments in Finland, the Netherlands and in Hungary. Tommi has worked as a strategy director at SEK and at Frantic, as a senior expert at Google Finland and at Finpro, as a digitalization consultantat Satama Interactive and as a researcher at Helsinki School of Economics.He has actively participated in IAB Finland and in the Helsinki Chamber of Commerce.

Tommi Pelkonen
Senior Advisor

Johanna has 16 years of extensive experience in market research and, prior to that, in sales and marketing roles in international ICT companies. Johanna has done many research projects for B2B clients in various industries and international projects where research has been utilized to develop the client’s business.

Johanna Toivonen
Senior Advisor

Petri has worked in branding and marketing for over 35 years. Prior to joiningProof, Petri has worked as a creative, chief strategy officer and CEO of the advertising agency PHS/TBWA, and as an entrepreneur since 2010. Petri’s book Brand & Business was published in 2014. He’s also a chairman of the board for Knehtilän Luomutuote Oy, which develops and markets organic foods.

Petri Uusitalo
Senior Advisor

Proof Advisory is part of Salomaa Group. All the creative and analytical minds of the group’s companies are at your disposal as well.

Dagmar Voitto Kaski

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